"Rose & Cigar" is a family story...

The combination of a 25 years experienced craftsman in clothing and a chemical engineer as creative director is the heart of this new coming brand. 

"R&C" didn't came to "change the map in dressing" or to "set new standards in fashion". It's just a way to express ourselves trough creating pieces from special fabrics and placing the details, we think that will change your mood by wearing them. This is how we think about designing.

Our version in handmade clothing starts from choosing the fabric by ourselves in order to create in small quantities our pieces. The designing of the patterns and cutting procedure, take place in our Workshop. After sewing, the majority of the garments are washed in special washing machines, and by this, we give them extra smooth texture and we prevent shrinkage after cleaning your "R&C" in your laundry. We don't collect clothes from big factories and place our tag on them. In order a garment to have the "R&C" tag must be made by us from fabric to final product. That's why we claim that "we have touched every piece that is made"!

Everyone who buys an "R&C" becomes a member of our culture and this makes us proud...!

With dedication